3D Design

3D design in the latest software packages such as Solidworks 2020 or AutoCAD

Design development

Design development assistance service provided to clients from conception to prototype to production.

Weld Maps

As built drawings or isometrics for weld maps. 

Piping Layout

Piping layout and design to fit current and proposed equipment.

Steelwork Drawings

Structural and architectural steelwork drawings and visualisation of designs prior to fabrication.

Equipment design

Conversion of your ideas into a 3D design and fabrication drawings prior to manufacture.

Sheet Metal Layouts

Sheet metal layouts, welded structures and part development ready for cutting and folding.


Simulation and FEA analysis of designs
3D Design and Drafting
We can turn your ideas into a 3D design before committing to fabrication. Get in touch to find out more.

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