Heavy Equipment Repairs

Repairs, modifications and replacement of heavy duty processing equipment including kilns, separators, trommels, flumes and associated conveying equipment.

Steam and Condensate Pipework

Installation, modification and repair of steam and condensate pipework including temporary connections for emergency boilers

Repairs & Modifications

Repairs and modifications to vessels, tanks, mixers, heaters and all other processing equipment.


Repairs and modifications to conveyors, scrolls, elevators, chutes, ductwork and all other material handling equipment.

Process Plant Pipework

Experienced working with the complete range of processing plant pipework from effluent and water treatment to hygienic and pharmaceutical.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs and temporary modifications to equipment.

Separation equipment

Cyclones, fans, filters, centrifuges and all other types of separation equipment repaired or replaced.

Water treatment plants

Anerobic digestors and water treatment plants
Processing Plant Repairs
Clarke Welding Services has extensive experience of working on some of the most complex processing plants in the area and the repair methods that may be required.

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